Room for You


'Very appealing to patients that just want a bit of time away from treatment. Very well used, patients given the opportunity to express their feelings in other ways.'

Patient, April 2012

’Room for You – Arts in Health’ is the only arts project working in three hospitals in Tyne and Wear. It was set up in 2001 as a project by two ex-patients to relieve the tension and apprehension often felt by patients (and their families) as they wait for cancer treatment or following treatment. 

Room for You's unique and innovative feature is the way it pairs artists with counsellor facilitators, to ensure a high degree of sensitivity towards patients and carers and enable them to participate in the art work in a supported way.  

This service is currently unique to Newcastle and the North East. 

From 2013 we began to work with people living with life limiting, long term illnesses (this includes people living with cancer) in non-hospital settings to broaden the range of beneficiaries and the reach of our service.