'Warm hearted people who are clearly passionate about creating a healing space for all cancer patients here at the Freeman. Their presence hits you from the moment you enter with colourful co-created artwork that feels like a gentle embrace and a shot of energy! A service with a big heart!'

Patient, March 2017

Evaluations of our work

We believe that our work can contribute to the patient/carer’s sense of emotional well-being and alleviate the stress of coming to hospital. Research carried out by the Clinical Trials Unit of NCCT has overwhelmingly borne this out, as have the Patient Satisfaction audits carried out by the Newcastle upon Tyne hospitals Trust. Personal testimonies given to the team by patients continually confirms this, as does an independent evaluation conducted by The Learning Trust in 2009.

We value patient feedback in evaluating the impact of our work and we continue to monitor patient satisfaction in hospital and community healthcare settings. Here's what some of them have said:

“It took my mind off why I waiting today and helped to pass the time. Its nice to engage in chat and talk about things I am interested in  - it made it feel ‘like normal’ - like before my diagnosis.” patient

“Room for You are carrying out an essential healing service that complements that of the allopathic medical team” patient