How We Work


'Warm hearted people who are clearly passionate about creating a healing space for all cancer patients here at the Freeman. Their presence hits you from the moment you enter with colourful co-created artwork that feels like a gentle embrace and a shot of energy! A service with a big heart!'

Patient, March 2017

A unique feature of our way of working is the pairing of artists with counsellor facilitators, which ensures a high degree of sensitivity towards patients and carers, allowing them to approach the artists and participate in the work in a supported way. We work with patients in both a hospital setting where they attend for treatment and post treatment in community healthcare settings. The relationships they form with the facilitators and artists, and the release they find in art work, can be very important to them.
The artwork is used as a vehicle for what we provide, which may be listening time as much as creative opportunity. The artists and facilitators need to be sensitive to ‘how’ people are waiting and identify those who may appreciate some contact and support. Many don’t wish to talk but tell us they enjoy watching the activity and find it stimulating, and thus the process of making art can work on different levels.
Whether its a hospital waiting area or a creative arts workshop in a community setting, we aim to provide support through arts and crafts activities and to offer a compassionate ear.  We believe that in this way we can engage people and offer participation and some recognition of them as the person they are outside – in the real world.