Room for You aims to provide emotional support through creativity, and by listening and talking to people living with life-limiting conditions.

COVID 19 Policy Statement

ROOM FOR YOU board of trustees recognises that we need to ensure the safety of our beneficiaries especially as many of them will have compromised immune systems. This has meant closing the RFY sessions for a period of time to keep everyone safe.


Room for You also recognises its responsibility towards those working for the organisation- the artists and counsellors. We are regularly monitoring developments and aim to respond proportionately as and when government advice changes. 

Our Board of Trustees and our Associates (the artists and counsellors who usually run the sessions) are currently exploring ways that we might be able to continue our work in the future.

We have received support from the Arts Council of England’s Emergency Response fund to allow us to do the research necessary to put in place new methods and codes of practice.

Ali Rhind interview for Radio Newcastle Ali Rhind
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Read the History and Listen to Ali Rhind, one of the founders of Room for You who is currently on the board of trustees and works as an artist on the project.

Ali was interviewed by Russel Ward from Radio Newcastle earlier this year and she gives a great summary of the start of the project and the way it has developed.

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