Silk Painting: Phoenix Ward, Sunderland Royal Hospital

Room for you worked at the phoenix ward in Sunderland Royal from 2012 - 2019.

At this venue, we combined making art for display on the walls of the ward with projects for patients and their families to make and take away with them.


Silk painting is a popular option, as patients can remain in their treatment chair and use a lap tray to work on. The bright vibrant, colours of the silk paints are attractive and easy to work with. Patients can learn to mix and layer colours and to use effects such as salt resist to add more texture to their piece. Sometimes we provide a design to start with, but as patients gain in skills and confidence they can design their own images. We mount the finished paintings in ready made frames so that patients can take their work home to display. When working on larger pieces the artist can set up the silk frame on a central table so patients can see the work and discuss the project. Those that are able can come to the table to help paint in the design. Sometimes it is possible to take the work station next to patients so that they can join in. As patients in this ward tend to be making repeat visits, every 3, 4 or 6 weeks for example, they enjoy seeing the artwork develop.

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