The Great War Poppy Project: in Radiotherapy at the NCCC

This installation piece was a collaboration between patients, carers and the Room for You artist ands counsellor.

The piece was made to commemorate the centenary of the First World War in 2017.

It has since been used to commemorate Armistice Day each November.


The installation had two parts; the artist designed a central silk panel featuring a ‘Tommy’ in the trenches with the centenary dates. This was painted at the art table in the waiting area with the help of patients and their families and friends. The second part of the installation was comprised of dozens of poppies, crocheted or knitted by patients and their relatives. We shared a pattern and provided yarn, needles and hooks for people to use, so the poppies could be made at any time in the week whether we were present or not. People relished taking part, each week when we arrived we would find little bundles of poppies waiting for us. One person made dozens, completing them as she accompanied her father on their daily journey to and from the hospital. People began to use their own patterns too, in the end there were more than 10 different styles of poppy. All the poppies were stitched onto a net that was hung in one of the large windows looking onto the courtyard, with the silk painted panel at the centre. It was a focal point for engagement and discussion for over a year from conception to installation and remains a highlight of our work at the NCCC.

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